Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

welcome bk Dhan

So the news from the Team MSD's news desk.... after a 1 week vacation at Hyderabad Dhan is back to office today with not even a 50 ps muttayi.  but still we welcome u bak dear....
Another field season have started here with Abhilash (Aadi) with beach profiling and Praveen and Kala with GPS asset marking.
Great time with not much happening to others here.

The official blog of Team MSD

So this is a blogging season for Team MSD. We actually use to celebrate almost everything that is possible. Even though a bit late to blogs we were always up to date. But considering the fact that we are not even 1 year old as a team we can always say that this is not too late as well. It was Shamji's idea to bring a team out of our boring field works and researches. Well..., didnt have not much of huge plans. But to be always together... atleast couple of mails.... Thats all.  A space was created in the virtual world ie; we registered in google groups. Now since as I said, it is blogging time for Team MSD, we thought of coming out with a blog. Lets see how far we can push this. hope you all will be part of the Team